CAD/BIM services

As a Gold partner of Autodesk software we are providing full Autodesk AEC and M&E software product along with olutions for general design, architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, media and entertainment.

CAD/BIM design services

CAD Services is widely used in the AEC industry for the creation of 2D drawings or 3D models. Unlike a manual design and drafting process, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems can maintain a database of building parts and construction-related knowledge and standards which also provides a far higher standard of precision and ease of modification of designs. Designs can be easily shared, enabling collaboration between the different experts and agencies involved.

We convert all types of architectural, engineering and various technical drawings to the format our clients need, within a stipulated time. Our CAD outsourcing services in India combine experience in CAD platforms and design software with strong domain expertise in the construction sector, to create a formidable service offering.

Architectural BIM Services support the architects throughout the design and construction process. It is the process of creating accurate 3D models which provide insight into the what the final building design will look like from the architectural point of view. We offers customized BIM drafting services with cost saving , that suit the particular needs and demands of clients.

We offer-
  • Raster to vector cad services
  • PDF to CAD
  • BIM modeling services.
  • Content library creation.
  • Civil design services.
  • Point cloud to BIM.
  • Details drafting services .
  • Architecture services.
  • Project management .
  • Drafting and modeling services

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